Friday, January 8, 2010

Why I'm embracing an open source attitude.{a personal statement]

I have pre-internet experience. Pre-internet people held their cards close to their chest because information was power. Post internet, information is relatively worthless in that one afternoon with google can give you or anyone all the information about anything you might ever need.

Post internet is about networks and mutual generosity and common goals realised and the power of collective application and many micro inputs and above all relationships.

I get gigs based on relationships, sometimes 2nd hand, sometimes third, recommendations etc far more than I do by sending shiny bits of paper to complete strangers in an effort to impress.

That said I will fully admit that I cannot, nor would I want to, do this project on my own. Rather than exploiting goodwill hard earned for profit I'd rather use my formidable social skills, my performance experience, my festival experience and my friends and associates to create something that embodies sustenance on many levels for myself, other individuals and beyond that communities of which I am a proud and grateful member.

Because without this [lets call it 'love' because that's a suitably vague concept] I've noticed I become profoundly ill or at the very least a wee bit jaded.

I refuse to apologise for my honesty and I will not be dissuaded from my ambition to produce wholesale laughter where none existed before. That's what we do essentially is it not?

`Ok that's my personal philosophy out of the way.
Give me what you have to spare and I'll reciprocate and let's see where it takes us.

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