Sunday, January 23, 2011

2011 Jan Update

Well I'm progressively devoting time to this project again.
I took part in the Kona Christmas Parade again to help cement my local participation. I got the crowd pleasers award the year before. No one has contacted me back re this year but my presence was certainly noted.

I have reached out to Mackenzie Muldoon, the director of the Toronto Street performance Festival. An eleven year old festival that has grown from strength to strength and is second only to the Edmonton festival in size and scope now.
She is advising me as regards finding local mandates for funding.

Also Liz Bolick, who runs the 'clowns in hospitals' unit of mostly ex Ringlings up in New York and thereabouts. I intend to have a significant outreach sector to this project and she and her especially trained performers are perfect for this.

Also Pat Cashin, director of the International Clown Hall of Fame and research center I have asked to help where he can. He's a clown and curator and historian and I want for this festival to be an eclectic annual meeting of Clowns from different backgrounds, The classic North American and European, Russian and also other less well known schools, Argentina, Australasia, Japan etc.

Additionally, on a whim and because the timing was perfect I submitted a very short application for initial funding towards getting the presentation together to promote this concept to
THE AWESOME FOUNDATION  [Sorry that just has to be in all caps]

The idea that initial funding for this comes from the Awesome foundation is funny.

That's all for now but rest assured I am working on this project earnestly.

I have got other things out of the way. Finished my book which is now being edited elsewhere and off we go.