Friday, January 8, 2010

First draft of planning overview for review. Please input.

OK here's the broad picture.
It's going to be an exercise in community celebration, local community, clown community, street theatre community.
The signature aspects will be.
***Performers are free to stay as guests for 5 days after the fest to enjoy themselves.
1;this is calculated on a few levels, it will increase the adoptive potential of the festival by the community in allowing performers time to further links with the community and vice versa.
2; is life not too short? You deserve a break. Kona has much to offer. It's winter back home. Lets go swimming.

***It will be a 'for profit' run festival. [this is open to those with more experience telling me that's impossible and I'll listen BUT Ch-ch is run like this and halifax is run like this.
The profit [still looking for revenue stream ideas] will be divided into 3 equal parts. I get one, one goes into expansion of the festival and one goes towards a fund that directly benefits the local community. Ideas for this include clowns in residence, hospice and hospital programs, school programs and mutually beneficial projects of that nature.

Obviously ways are going to have to be devised, new creative ideas by which this 'brand' can be sold. Mass media is the first deep pocket I'm looking at but in the meantime I will be creating a youtube channel that will include content, interviews, snippits etc and that will be an experiment in bypassing MSM to generate an international audience that will in turn give the project bargaining power if MSM [mainstream media] do want part of our audience.

Admittedly my thinking is all over the place at this stage. I have spent the last 2 years floating the idea and pondering and will spend another 4 /5 months in loose mode before tightening up and stormproofing the concept.

I need your input, objections, [I'll indulge gratefully up to a point] suggestions, ideas, contacts, etc.
I have some consultants as it is, by april/may I intend to have my feasibility confirmed and looking to lock in staff.
From now to then I want to engage my people, [this means you] in extended conversation.


  1. I want a program of clowns in hospitals, hospices, schools. It will run from a wed [when the cruise ship docks- tourist and potential sponsor tie-in]..and run til sunday, only clowns who want to do any street stuff, the street performers will excel at that, [it's all their good for :)] and they are very very good at it.
    There will be a free night-time outdoor stage sponsored by a major Kona business that exports it's product [that's the plan]. It will be a 3 to 500 informal seater and where the street performers and clowns can perform the same stage. There will be hats passed and the money divided equally between acts. [This disadvantages group acts I know but I'll do my best to make that up elsewhere]

  2. the fee structure will be uniform as far as can be managed. One price for solo's another [slightly more flexible] for groups